What I Do

Workshop, Scores, Arrangements, Publications


Ability to share an intensive learning experience, oriented
to the acquisition and deepening of traditional and innovative techniques of acoustic guitar and fingerstyle, taken from the styles of Blues, Folk, acoustic Rock and the experiences of the most recent authors.

Development of the ability to arrange songs and melodies for solo guitar or for two or more guitars.

The guitar, like the piano and the harp, is an instrument of broad polyphonic potential, that is, it offers the possibility of arranging a musical piece giving voice both to the melodic line and to the accompaniment parts with a rhythmic harmonic support function (lines of bass, harmonization, chords, percussions).
The typical “fingerpicking” arrangement consists in playing the melody on the guitar’s most acute strings, plucked from the index, middle and ring finger of the right hand, and simultaneously with a bass line (alternating, stubborn, walking bass) performed on the low strings plucked by the inch…
The Fingerstyle allows you to cultivate in the guitarist the ability to express their creative potential, both in composition and arrangement, through paths of acquisition of specific techniques, knowledge of music and its rules, experimentation and development of polyphonic attitude .

Celtic guitar manual

The book is mainly devoted to fingerstyle acoustic guitar and its arrangement potential in the style of traditional Anglo-Celtic music …


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