Who I Am

Musicist, Teacher, Arranger, Composer


Great passion and experience, solid musical education, both theoretical and practical, free spirit, eclecticism and versatility, make Paolo Capizzi’s music something unique in the panorama of acoustic guitar and fingerstyle.

Composer, expert arranger for guitar, he plays solo and within different musical projects, also boasting an excellent ability and teaching experience.


The Fingerstyle is a complete, “polyphonic” approach to Guitar, which can thus play both as a solo instrument, simultaneously performing melodic parts and accompaniment parts (bass lines, harmonies, rhythmic parts), as well as an instrument capable of accompanying elaborated a voice or an instrument that performs a melodic or improvised part.

It is an “eclectic” approach that draws origin, inspiration and techniques from both the classical guitar world and the most different styles of modern and contemporary music (blues, country, folk, rock, jazz, latin-american).

The Fingerstyle requires a complex learning path, polyphonic attitude, solid technique of the right hand, thus developing in the guitarist the ability to express their creative potential, both in the composition and in the arrangement.


He has won various prizes and awards for artistic activity:

3rd prize in the annual national competition for emerging guitarists “New Sound of Acoustic Music” in the context of the 9th Sarzana International Meeting (2006);

Targa Award for Instrumental Music at the Isabella d’Este Prize (Cavriana – MN – 2011);

Best Video of the Year in the Competition of the magazine AXE (2012);

“A regular guest at the San Benedetto Po Guitar Festival, where he has played and held educational workshops, in all four of his editions (2008-2011)”.

From 2008 to 2015 he collaborated with Centro StudiFingerstyle, as a lecturer for Sicily, taking courses in Catania, Palermo and Ravanusa (AG) and seminars at the AGIM in Sarzana (SP).


He has organized several cultural and educational events in the acoustic guitar sector as President of the “Acoustic Corrente” Cultural Association.

“He works as an” ambassador “with Schertler – SR tecnology, one of the most quoted companies producing amplifiers for acoustic instruments”.


“NonSolo” (2010), a solo project, with blues and folk influences, which also makes use of the collaboration of various musicians;

“Atlantis” (2011), in a duo with the electric guitarist FabrizioLicciardello;

“Journey to Sicily” (2018), dedicated to the Sicilian musical tradition; songs and ancient dances arranged for fingerstyle guitar and with the inclusion of traditional instruments (mandolin, tambourine, friscalettu, “chitarra battente”, marranzano)

Books :
“Manuale di chitarraceltica” (2015, edition, a work in which they converge their passion for Irish and Scottish music and its long didactic experience.

“Journey to Sicily” (2018, ed.), with scores and tablature of the homonymous CD tracks and a series of exercises and teaching directions.

He wrote a chapter on Fingerpicking, in the book by the writer Santino Mirabella “… and distilling dreams”, dedicated to the singer-songwriter Stefano Rosso ,.


He held courses, seminars, workshops, as well as in Catania and its province, in Messina (MMI), in Palermo (Kemonia), in Capo d’Orlando, in Ravanusa (Acams), as well as at the SanBenedetto Festival (San Benedetto Po – MN), and the Meeting of Sarzana. He collaborated from 2008 to 2015 with the Centro StudiFingerstyle for Sicily.


He performed at the Six Bars Jail in Florence (2016), he has played in all the editions of the San Benedetto Po festival (2008-2011), in several Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Mantova, Modena, Pordenone, Sarzana, Kalabriacustica and around Sicily, he has played in Sofia and other cities of Bulgaria on tour with the Harundo (2013), he has performed on important cultural and artistic events (Ritodella Luce, J.Calogero Foundation, literary prize Efesto , etc.)

Event organization:

President of the “CorrenteAcustica” cultural association, always active in proposing stimuli in the field of acoustic and guitar music culture, he has organized concerts and seminars with guitarists such as Franco Morone, Walter Lupi, Riccardo Zappa, DavideMastrangelo and Pino Russo; he has taken care of the artistic direction of some local catanese, he has collaborated with cultural and local associations (Efesto, Maiis, Amigdala, Folk Art, Free Dissonanze, Nievsky, Haiku, Joyce) creating concerts, open mic and music sessions.


He has played and collaborated with a large number of musicians.

With FabrizioLicciardello (electric guitar) he created the CD “Atlantis”;

the musicians who played in the CD “nonSolo” are: Giulia D’Anca (voice), Valerio Virgillito (drums, xylophone), Edoardo Musumeci (guitar), Fulvio Farkas (percussions), Antonio Curiale (violin), Rosaria Torcitto (accordion), Maurizio La Ferla (piano), Marcello Mammoliti (flute), Salvo Mammoliti (cello).
In the last work “Journey to Sicily” also participated Giada Salerno (“Ciatuzza”), Pino Ninni, Giampiero Cannata, Raimondo Catania.

The most active musical formations are:

Pablo & Gee with Giulia D’Anca (vocals) and Valerio Virgillito (drums);

Sons of a thunderstorm (homage to De Andrè) with Giuseppe Privitera (violin), Gabriele Capodanno (voice), FabrizioLicciardello (guitars);

He played with:

Kelt Wind with Antonio Curiale (violin)

Blessed i Paoli with Paolo Miano (voice, ukulele)

Harundo with Giampiero Cannata (bass), Alexandra Dimitrova (violin), Valerio Virgillito (drums),

Sarabanda with Rosaria Torcitto (accordion), Fulvio Farkas (percussions), Salvo Zappalà (violin)

And also with Pino Ninni (banjo), Pierpaolo Alberghini (double bass), Francesco Bazzano (drums), Max Garrubba (guitar, bass), Riccardo Gentile (guitar, flute), with guitarists Alfredo D’Urso, Nino Gurgone, Seba Mazzullo, Luca Capizzi, with Salvo Coppola (bass), Emanuele Sassetti (flutes), Riccardo Gangemi (percussions, vocals), Maurizio Longo (viola, violin), with singers Giusy Lanzanò, Annalisa Pappalardo, Bruna La Rosa, Giada Carcione, Francesca Calabrò .


He obtained the Diploma of 5th year of classical guitar, at the Conservatory of RC, the diploma of theory and solfeggio, and of complementary harmony, the Diploma of the Fingerstyle Study Center; he attended Music Therapy courses (Assisi, Padua), as well as a degree in Psychology and a Psychotherapy qualification.

He participated in seminars with Don Ross, Bob Brozman, John Scofield, Duck Baker, Stochelo Rosenberg, Stanley Jordan, Ed Gerard, Antoine Dufour, Woody Mann, Diane Ponzio, Paolo Giordano, Franco Morone, Walter Lupi, Paolo Sereno, Pino Russo, Riccardo Zappa, DavideMastrangelo.

Musical listening:

Many and varied musicians and genres listened to; some examples: from West Coast by Neil Young, Crosby Stills & Nash, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, America, Eagles, to rock in the 60s, 70s and 80s with Clapton, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, The Doors, P.Smith, J. Mayall’s blues, BBKing, Allman Brothers, J.Kaukonen’s acoustic blues (Hot Tuna), British and Irish folk revival with John Renbourn, Pentangle, Fairport Convention, Clannad, foreign singer-songwriters as Bruce Cockburn, Nick Drake, John Martin, to the most committed Italian singers such as De Andrè, Guccini, De Gregori, Bennato, Daniele, to traditional Sicilian and southern Italian folk music. Profound connoisseur of acoustic guitar and fingerstyle, with live performances by S. Grossman, J.Renbourn, T. Emmanuel, Don Ross, T.Andress, J.Kaukonen, C. Carroll, D.Gaugan, P.D ‘ Agostino, B. Gambetta, M. Dowling, S. Howe, S. Hackett, P. Nobile, P. Giordano, I. De Paula, A. De Grassi, Paco De Lucia.

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