Celtic Guitar Manual


The book is mainly devoted to acoustic guitar and its arrangement potential in the style of traditional Anglo-Celtic music.
A CD Rom with 45 audio tracks and 3 videos is attached.
After some brief introductory paragraphs with historical notes, discographic, stylistic, as well as polyphonic guitar arrangement and the use of alternative tunings, a section dedicated to the exercises and studies on the techniques and stylistic devices typical of “celtic fingerstyle” (ligatures) , embellishments, arpstyle, strum, use of harmonics, alternating bass).

The anthology of songs includes a total of 15 original arrangements of dances, melodies, songs of Irish and British origin.
The Manual is closed by a section dedicated to rhythmic accompaniment in style, with various exercises, as well as the harmonic structures (chords) of the pieces.

“All you will become, you already are. All you know, you already know. What you are looking for is already looking for you, it is in you. “

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Eleanor Plunkett

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