“It is the meeting of two different and apparently irreconcilable worlds … the electric guitar of FabrizioLicciardello and the acoustic one of Paolo Capizzi, an apparent contrast because, listening, the album does not reveal contradictions or uncertainties at all but, on the contrary, clear ideas and a music miraculously fused in a sound that seems to come from a “single instrument”, from a “twelve-stringed guitar”.
The eloquent and complex acoustic textures of Paolo Capizzi accompany and complete of meanings the thousand voices of the electric guitar by FabrizioLicciardello, a docile instrument at the service of a research of sound that draws on multiple musical experiences, genres, styles and techniques. Here we find a confront oftwo styles, one like fingerstyle, which conceives the guitar as a complete and self-sufficient instrument, and another totally original guitar style that borrows the way of playing and the techniques of other instruments.”

from Devil’s arcade blog


Authors: Paolo Capizzi – Fabrizio Licciardello
Published in: 2011
Tracks: 8


by P. Capizzi - F. Licciardello | Atlantis


  • Green (Paolo Capizzi – Fabrizio Licciardello)

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